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House Calls & E-Visits

House Calls & E-Visits



E-visits are doctor appointments that you complete virtually with your health care provider to avoid the hassle of waiting for an in-person visit. With a dedicated health history collection system, we can service our well-established patients with minor medical concerns and certain follow-up office appointments. Patients can gain access to our provider’s clinical experience for advice, treatment recommendations and if necessary prescription medication. E-visits can save you and your doctor time compared to office visits. They can be especially helpful for people in rural or remote areas, those who don’t have access to transportation or who simply have time constraints.


House Calls

Providing high-quality, personalized medical care in the comfort of your home is a service provided by Choices, a trusted provider of healthcare at home. As we experience individuals living longer lifespans, it is proven that the quality of life and happiness is significantly enhanced when an individual receives needed medical services in the comfort of their home unencumbered by the stress and bustle of an emergency room waiting room or long waits at the physician's office. With our highly skilled providers, we are able to offer house calls to treat and manage chronic medical conditions with compassion and an incomparable bed-side manner. We are also able to provide important care coordination to help you access cotmnunity resources and other services available in your home. We believe that our specialty services and carecoordination demonstrate our c01mnitment to providing you with tl1e l1ighest quality care possible, all in the comfort of your home.